Our mission is to preserve the culture and the quality of mezcal that our ancestors would be proud of.

The best Mezcal captures the heart of agave and Victorioso Mezcal embodies the soul of Mezcal. Ours is a mezcal grown from passion, traditions, steeped in community, and supported by family passed down through generations of Mezcaleros to bring our consumers a premium spirit that will entice you with every sip.

The Sernas’s family stood for authenticity and excellence. In 1927, Eugenio Sernas Sr. began growing Agave in Matatlan, Oaxaca, and by 1955 he had established one of the first five registered palenques and Mezcal brands in Oaxaca. When manufacturers tried to diminish the quality & speed up the cooking process of Mezcal by adding sugars, flavorings and highly flamable objects, in the 1970’s, Juan Sernas, along with several other producers in the Oaxacan Region organized a strike against the new wave of producers. This strike lasted for 2 months along Iturbide Road from the bridge to the main square, which led to a better oversight of Mezcal production.

Today, Eugenio Sernas Diaz is working to continue his Families Legacy as pioneers in their craft.

With intention and purpose, Victorioso Mezcal celebrates its artisanal process and unique flavors best savored; a drink to be kissed.

Victorioso Mezcal,
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