While others dilute their finished product, add additives, or use premature agave; Victorioso Mezcal cooks in small batches only using fully mature agave known as Capon. Celebrating the uniqueness of every batch.
Our mezcal elixir should be sipped and savored rather than being mixed in cocktails or taken as a shot.
With every sip you will feel all the different layers of agave that will agnify the flavor notes of our mezcal. Every bottle of Victorioso Mezcal is incredibly smooth and full of flavor that would warm your body and soul. The experience that you would have with Victorioso Mezcal will leave a lasting impression.
Victorioso Mezcal’s bottle was inspired by the Oaxacan Pyramids, Zapotec Culture and Mystical Legends behind the creation of mezcal. The Victorioso Mezcal logo represents the beautiful legend where lightning had struck the heart of an agave plant, releasing the fermented juice that is considered the “Elixir of God.”
Rather than a bottle, Victorioso Mezcal is a trophy, a pyramid, a symbol of the past infused into a drink that honors our future.
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