Premium Spirit

What makes Victorioso mezcal a premium spirit?


Mezcal Vicotrioso is made in the beautiful hills of Oaxaca, in the town of Santiago Matatlán. Oaxaca is lovingly referred to as “The Capital of Mezcal”.

Type of agave

Mezcal’s rich diversity is very appealing to spirits aficionados. Unlike other spirits, Victorioso Mezcal is an expression of the land it comes from, with the agave plants often maturing for more than a decade. The agave genus contains over 200 species, 40-50 of which can be used for mezcal production (per CRM regulations).
Victorioso Mezcal varieties include: Espadin, Tobala, Cuishe, Mexicano, and Tepeztate.

Alcohol Content

Maestro Mezcalero Eugenio Sernas stresses the importance of the grade of alcohol. Most Mezcal on the market can be found between 38%-42%.  This ABV is considered too low and makes it difficult for the real essence of the maguey [agave] to show its characteristics. We always distill to a minimum of 45% ABV to bring out the best flavor.


The structure and thickness help to identify the grade of mezcal.
If you shake the bottle, you will notice small, long-lasting bubbles, shaped like pearls, indicating the purity of the spirit. When you pour mezcal, the silver rim appearing at the top of the mezcal and the prominence of legs on the walls generally indicates higher alcohol content, and thus a richer texture and fuller body.  These are the characteristics of the premium quality mezcal and Victorioso has them all.


A quality mezcal should have the aroma of a cooked and slightly smoked agave. You’ll find different notes of maguey when you do a simple test. First, rub a small drop between your palms and wait for it to dry; bring both hands to your nose and inhale deeply. You will immediately sense the aromas of a mature maguey. Depending on the variety of the agave used for mezcal production, you may smell berries, flowers, or earth tones, with a light hint of smokiness. Victorioso Mezcal opens slowly and stays on the nose, like an expensive perfume.
You will also notice that there is no sticky residue on the palms of your hands as we only use sugars derived from the plant.


We recommend that our mezcal be sipped slowly and on its own to experience the richness of flavors of the maguey.  Some may choose to complement it with a slice of orange, lemon, or salt. Even at 45% ABV, Victorioso is incredibly smooth with the light hint of smokiness.
The purest mezcal is Joven (young), as aging mezcal in barrels absorbs other flavors and masks the essence of the agave.
The complexity of the flavors depends on the type of maguey, its age, as well as its region.  Also, the important factor is the cooking process and the quality of wood used.
The first sip is a little kiss. As your palate opens, you discover flavors of cooked maguey, light smoke, earth and sometimes citrus. Drinking pure mezcal is an experience, with every sip, you’ll uncover additional tasting notes.


Victorioso stays true to the nature of the spirit, as we produce small, individual batches.  Every batch tells its own story, dictated by the type and origin of maguey. Victorioso mezcal is always pure, delicious, and smooth with just a hint of smokiness. This is what makes mezcal a mystical drink, as you never know what flavors you shall uncover, depending on your pallet.

Other brands are attempt to make mezcal more industrial; by cutting young agave, that is lacking natural sugars; using additives, mixing several batches together, using labs to keep consistency of their juice, or aging mezcal in barrels to change the flavor profile. Victorioso refuses to use any of these tactics, honoring the artisanal traditions and the mystical quality of the plant.

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Unlike other brands that use labs to keep consistency and the taste of their products the same, which is contradicting with definition of artisanal mezcal, Victorioso brand stay true to the spirit nature. All our products are outstanding, and every individual batch may have unique tasting notes. (Based on the location where the agave grew and the season when it was produced). Other brands seek higher earnings by turning mezcal to more industrial spirit.